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Discover why the Jewish people do not need Christians to save them!

Elijah's enlightening teaching is a guide to both Jews and Christians in New Testament times and answers many questions, like: Do the Jewish people need to be evangelized by Christians? Does the New Testament "do away" with the Old Testament? Did the Jewish Messiah abandon his nation and people? How did the God of Israel get transferred to the Gentiles? Was the first century church Jewish or Gentile? Why are there so many sects of Christianity when Jesus taught there is only one God and one faith? What is the relationship between Judaism and Christianity?


Get the answer to all of these questions and more!

Read the entire publication For Jews Only at Elijah's blog.



Monogamy, male domination and the female instinct.

A plot to replace men? The death of natural instincts? Humans began their journey as animals. The reproduction of the human race. The problem with monogamy. The annihilation of men's rights and instincts.


Read Elijah's intriguing scientific publication Basic Instinct.



Is Jesus God?

The mainline Christian churches, which include Roman Catholic, Greek and Russian Orthodox, and every Protestant church (excluding Jehovah Witnesses), teach and believe that Jesus was just another form of God the Father.  This false doctrine stems from the Roman Catholic doctrine known as the Trinity.


Get the Biblical facts that answer the question Is Jesus God?



Why do we have shame? Where did shame came from?

Shame originates in the Garden of Eden!  Eve brought shame into the world by breaking the commandment of God.  Once Eve broke the commandment of God, satan won the right to put thoughts directly into the brains of all human beings.  One of those thoughts is called shame.


Read Elijah's insightful publication on Shame and set yourself free!