"As a young boy, I always wondered why what most people were telling me, or showing me to be Holy and Godly, seemed to be the opposite of what I felt things really were. At the age of nine, I tried to unravel something in the Bible that the Bible says only one man can do. I realized at that moment that I couldn't do it alone, but that a certain person had to unravel it for me: someone who is literally sent by God. I've waited all my life, finally to read The Underground Bible, which has not only helped me unravel the enigma, but also gave my broken spirit strength again. All the fears that I had are gone. Death no longer frightens me, and not only that, but I can also help others who wish to overcome the things that hurt them in this world. That's right...lies from the world can no longer work against my brain since I've read The Underground Bible! The most beautiful thing about this book is: it neither adds to, nor subtracts from, anything that is written in the Holy Bible, but rather confirms it. I rest my case. PEACE!" ~Ra'San J., Erie, PA


"I have read The Underground Bible three times; each time I find something new. It is the most informative book I have ever read. The Book explains simply hard to understand Scriptures and misunderstood Scriptures. In my opinion, it would behoove some well known TV preachers, who I have heard teach in error, to read The Underground Bible. I had to leave my ego in a lock box while I read this very informative book. It brought me to my knees. The Author is a brilliant teacher who is filled with a treasure-trove of information that appears to be lost in our civilization." ~Coleen L., Culver City, CA


"The Underground Bible is the best book I've read besides the Bible itself. It cleared up many questions that I've had but never asked or people were not able to answer. The book proves that the Bible and science do agree concerning the history of the earth. It also answered many of my questions about what happens to us after we die. It gave me immeasurable amounts of comfort to learn about what happens to us and the earth in the future. I would recommend this book to believers and non-believers alike. For believers, it will strengthen your beliefs; and for non-believers, it is simply a fascinating read." ~Brian C., Seoul, South Korea


"I have a new found love and confidence in living a life for Christ after reading The Underground Bible. This book guides one in their pursuit to truly understand the Bible and serves more as a gift of healing than instruction. Throughout its pages, it offers the reader the right and opportunity to release their once hidden desire to question traditional learned beliefs. It sets one free from the guilt that often follows when questioning the Word of God. I now can find my life's purpose thanks to Elijah." ~Annice Parker, Producer to Damon Wayans, Santa Monica, CA


"This is one of the most extraordinary books I have ever read. Once you get involved with this book, you cannot put it down. You actually build a relationship with it. I know that if my husband, Howard Keel, were alive, he would keep this book by his side." ~Judy Keel, wife of Hollywood legend, Singer and actor Howard Keel, Los Angeles, CA


"This book answered a question I always had, researched and was never satisfied, until now. What was the forbidden fruit? I read a few books on the subject, which in my opinion were frauds. The Underground Bible gave me the biblical proof - it had the answer. Thanks Elijah." ~Dany C., Lausanne, Switzerland