the underground bible


The Underground Bible is a thought-provoking book that exposes hundreds of religious myths, many of which are at the center of some of the largest sects of Christianity. Contrary to the teachings of both the Old and New Testaments, Christianity is guilty of practicing pagan rituals and teaching doctrines that were never taught by the Jewish Messiah, Jesus.

Now you can explore the Jewish and Christian Bibles in a new light, and learn the mysteries of the Bible. You will follow one man's extraordinary journey into a thousand year old deception. After fifty years of Biblical and scientific research, Elijah unlocked the "real" Bible Code within the ancient texts, known as the Language of Angels, which is actually a language like French, Chinese, and Russian, but written in code used during a war.

These remarkable insights have remained unknown outside of a small circle of Jewish leaders who were pushed underground after the destruction of the Jewish temple in 70 A.D. You will not hear these teachings in church. You will not find them taught in religious schools. They have been hidden by Rome for the diabolical purpose of reinstituting Buying and Selling. They have been intentionally kept from the public for a thousand years; so Rome could recapture the empire it lost to the early Followers of Christ, which Elijah reveals in the only book of its kind.

After the First Century A.D., Christians brought the Roman Empire to its knees, it took Rome centuries to reinvent itself as a religious institution and a thousand years to rebuild its kingdom - this time disguising itself as Christianity.

Rome succeeded in deceiving the nations of the earth by executing the true prophets of God, replacing them with look-a-likes, and carefully twisting the Bible's teachings, but these deceivers were blinded to a power greater than their own.

At last, the secrets of the Bible are revealed, Rome's web of deceit broken, and the stage set for the final battle: Truth against the World.

The Underground Bible is a remarkable tool that will aid your study of the Scriptures and reveal startling truths that have been buried for centuries.

Are you ready to take a giant leap in your spiritual journey?




"The Underground Bible is not just another Reader's Digest-type version of the Scriptures, but your favorite wise and eccentric uncle explaining life to you personally. It is the consummate communication tool for small groups ... a mandatory reference for youth pastors ... stimulating discussion for your next party ... bathroom reading for Mensa's ... Plato and Socrates dream come true." ~Dr. Rebecca A. S., Nashville, Tennessee



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